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About Me

A journey to the arts

As a mixed-Indigenous man raised in the Musqueam village, I have found myself in many places through my identity that ultimately led me down the path of arts and feeling strong enough to be a representation of my culture and family. 

The start of my journey in to Arts started as I was accepted to Sauder School of Business at UBC in 2017 in pursuit of post-secondary education. With the fresh insight of knowing I wanted to pursue a different path, I went on to achieve being admitted to another prestigious school in 2019, this time for Fashion Design.

All while still studying at UBC Sauder, I decided to work on my portfolio for two years at a local design school in Vancouver called "The Cutting Room", as well as being mentored by many traditional artists within my community. Once I was ready to submit my portfolio to Parsons, I was accepted and offered a scholarship in 2019. Although my time at the school was short lived, it pointed me in the direction of being a freelance Indigenous Artist, Model, and Actor, and to take on the initiative of starting my career.

Moving in to four years later, I am grateful to be working on major projects in the creative industries of fashion, public art, and film, collaborating with esteemed developers and brands all while representing my nation, family and culture.

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