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Previous Projects

Vancouver Canucks - 
First Nations Night Celebration Logo Design

In collaboration with my cousin Cyler Sparrow-Point,

this logo was created for the Vancouver Canucks 6th annual First Nations Celebration Night.

Inspired by the traditional elements of Coast Salish Design, along with the territory of the Musqueam Nation, we took the original template of the Orca emerging from broken ice and applied the motifs of Coast Salish elements and weaving designs to place it in our territory.  


EA Sports FIFA 23 -xʷməθkʷəy̓əm Collection

In collaboration with EA Sports, FIFA, Monday Creative, and the Musqueam Nation, this digital collection was featured in the last FIFA game, FIFA 23. Inspired by Coast Salish design elements and applying them to digital clothing to portray a collection that represents my culture and community.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 4.12.58 PM.png

Cedar Woven Dress

Mentored by esteemed cedar weaver from the Musqueam Nation, Vivian Campbell, this piece was inspired by traditional basket weaving and my love for fashion. Taking the form of basket weaving and applying it to a runway look was my intention. Using traditional techniques while applying a contemporary form to this medium.



-Watercolour on canvas

"WHO AM I?" is a painting that relates to my personal story / identity. Two hands can be seen on either side of the painting splitting three heads from a body. Emerging from either side of the middle head is both sides of my lineage. A headdress can be seen on the right head connecting to my Coast Salish ancestry, while an army cap is seen on the left head connecting my British ancestry. Splitting down the middle is me, finding my way through these conflicting identities and cultures.


Woven Shawl 

A contemporary take on traditional weaving. 

Mentored by my aunt and esteemed traditional Salish weaver Debra Sparrow, I created a woven shawl that took the traditional form of Salish weaving to a new outcome.

In the form of a shawl, this weaving is made on a traditional loom with the same materials my ancestors created our blankets for ceremony.  



A photo series creative directed by me, displaying the resilience of my culture today.

Our traditions help continue the fight to survive.  This photo series represents the position that my culture is in. Within the youth, it is our job to embrace what was left for us to nurture and to stand up for what has been done to our ancestors. Together as one. It is the teachings of our ancestors that will guide us through this struggle and we will be the ones determining our future.

This is Rezilience, published by the Richmond Art Gallery & The Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

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